-19 September 2014, Belgrade/Novi Sad



Central European Development Forum, CEDEF, under the institutional auspices of the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, Provincial Secretariat for Energy and Mineral Resources APV, Electric Power Industry of Serbia, in cooperation with the Cluster for Ecological Energy and Ecological Culture - ECOPANONIA Novi Sad, and in partnership with the Hungarian Power Industry MVM OVIT,  organized THE FIFTH INTERNATIONAL ENERGY FORUM - BIOMASS: THE LARGEST SOURCE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY IN EUROPE AND SERBIA on 18-19. September 2014 in Novi Sad. Partner country of Forum was Hungary.

In collaboration with the French Institute of Serbia, CEDEF also enabled a visit to the exhibition of photographs and drawings on "Energy for a sustainable world", especially for participants of the V CEDEF International Energy Forum on September 18th 2014. The next day, September 19th , in Novi Sad were held Panels: "Critical (bio)mass for success - the perspective of Serbia and potential in the Region ", "Best  practices - with biomass towards savings and energy efficiency ", while in the Third Panel Provincial Secretariat for Energy and Mineral Resources presented APV completed projects in the field of EE and RES.

The aims of the Forum were:

  • To highlight the importance of biomass as a renewable energy source and to show the advantages of using this energy source, such as environmental protection, increase energy efficiency and reduce costs at the level of the whole society;
  • To point out the Serbian potential in biomass as well as the reasons why this sector is underdeveloped;
  • To identify theoretical and practical solutions and recommendations to improve the use of biomass in a more efficient way.
  • Introducing advanced technologies in the production and use of biomass in Serbia, the region and the EU, as well as ways to utilize these technologies in Serbia.
  • To point out grants, loans, and various types of financing, which will increase interest and investment in the use of biomass
  • To share examples of best practices in the region, with emphasis on the achievements made in Hungary.

Fifth International Energy Forum CEDEF is opened by prof. dr Milos Banjac, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Mining and Energy RS. Hungarian companies MVM OVIT, SONDEX and Transcommers presented their vast experience in the filed of using of biomass.  Dr György József Kunos, MVM OVIT representative for Serbia, said that Hungarian companies are interested in the Serbian market. He highlighted that Serbian partner country is Hungary, not only because of its membership in the EU, historical, geographical and cultural closeness, but also because of the good development plans.

The Programme of the Forum can be downloaded here.

Speaker presentations can be downloaded here.

The Photos from the Forum, can be downloaded here.

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