January – December 2015


Fourth Convention, 30 June 2015, Čačak

Central European development forum, CEDEF under the auspices of Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure RS, Ministry of Mining and Energy RS, Environmental protection Committee of the National Assembly RS, Environmental protection agency RS and Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina within the CEDEF Annual Program for cities and municipalities in Serbia- SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT LEADERS 2015, organizes a series of Conventions- regional gatherings across Serbia. The goal of the program is to encourage the capacities of cities and municipalities in Serbia which would become competitive and sustainable cities through responsible and determined leadership.

Dynamic modern leaders who are on the head of the municipalities and cities are facing with more and more bigger social, economic and environmental problems. The SUSTAINABLE LEADERS program acknowledges the extreme devotion of these leaders in solving these problems, with the implementation of new forms of financing, the latest technological developments and existing local and world experiences. Real leaders find new solutions for new challenges, new investments, finances and new partnerships, where the public- private partnerships are the key factor of success world wide.

Also, CEDEF recognizes the need of the cities and municipalities in Serbia for technologies which save energy, time and money. In tendency to make the local self- governments more efficient and able to provide better life quality and living standard for all the citizens, CEDEF is connecting local self- governments which are showing the willingness to point out significant infrastructural projects and energy efficiency projects to technology holders.

During the five regional gatherings, every relevant figure in the specific region will take part: mayors, municipality presidents, public service directors (including kindergartens, schools, hospitals, health centers etc.) energy managers and local media, who will make direct contact through B2B meeting with the leading companies and/or organizations in the area of energy efficiency, lighting, HVC systems financing and many others.

In one place, CEDEF will gather the so called Premier League of companies which can significantly contribute to savings and raising the overall efficiency of the local self-governments: Telekom Srbija, Minel Schreder, Miteco, Knauf Insulation, Naue Opticus, Banca Intesa, DDOR Novi Sad, Viessmann, LG, Arup. On these gatherings, models for funding the development projects of cities and municipalities in Serbia will be presented.

The Program includes all 168 cities and municipalities in Serbia and will be realized through five Conventions, in:


For the cities and municipalities which are showing extraordinary results in developing and implementing the renewable energy sources, energetic efficiency, waste and wastewater management on their territory, the Program council will award the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT LEADER RECOGNITION. The Program council is made of representatives of the patron institutions and during the year they will be awarding the RECOGNITION to the mayors and municipality presidents on the Convention ceremonies. Good management, dedication to citizen’s needs and long-term interests of sustainable "green" development are the basic criteria for awarding.

Winner of the LEADER OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT RECOGNITION at the First Convention, held on 26 February Sremska Mitrovica are:

Kula, Novi Sad, Sombor, Ruma, Srbobran, Sremski Karlovci, Sremska Mitrovica, Šabac i Vrbas.

Winners of the LEADER OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT RECOGNITION at the Second Convention held on 26 March Krusevac are:

Bela Palanka, Boljevac, Bujanovac, Ćićevac, Ćuprija, Dimitrovgrad, Kladovo, Kruševac, Leskovac, Malo Crniće, Niš, Paraćin, Petrovac na Mlavi, Požarevac, Ražanj, Smederevo, Sokobanja, Trstenik, Varvarin i Zaječar

Winners of the LEADER OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT RECOGNITON at the Third Convention, held on 21 April Zrenjanin are:

Alibunar, Bečaj, Bela Crkva, Kanjiža, Kikinda, Kovin, Novi Bečej, Nova Crnja, Novi Kneževac, Pančevo, Plandište, Senta, Subotica, Vršac, Zrenjanin, Žitište

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