22 September 2015, Belgrade - City of Belgrade, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and CEDEF organized investment conference „Belgrade Investment Days“

During the Welcome Address, attendees were addressed by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, the Mayor of Belgrade Siniša Mali, President of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Milivoje Miletić and President of Central European Development Forum prof. dr Ana B. Bovan. Those addresses marked the beginning of the unique business and economic gathering that brought together over 600 guests, investors from twenty countries and three continents.

The development of entrepreneurial spirit and the increase of investments in small and medium-sized businesses are the priorities in the upcoming period, and when these areas are improved, the results will also be better, said the Prime Minister.

„We promise to all foreign investors that we will try to provide full legal and economic security for their investments. We will try to fix actual business environment, and I am therefore convinced that Serbia will know how to preserve the full internal stability, thus contributing in stability in the region, which is of the great importance for the progress of our economy, the survival of the investments and the arrival of new investors, “ said Vučić.

The Mayor of Belgrade Siniša Mali pointed out that a large number of participants in the forum proves that Belgrade and Serbia has become a good and attractive place for investments. Results of fiscal consolidation and successes in this field opened doors for the specific projects that are focused on two objectives - to increase the rate of economic growth and to create new job opportunities, said Siniša Mali, and added that if these two objectives are achieved, the results will be better quality of life and better standard of living.

Siniša Mali said that for this forum City of Belgrade has prepared more than sixty projects worth over ten billion euros. They were divided into three groups as the three pillars of development for strengthening the economy of the capital - infrastructure projects, direct investments and the development of small and medium enterprises. Among these projects are the projects of waste management, construction of sixteen underground garages, then new kindergartens and bus stations, the privatization of PKB, but also the „Belgrade waterfront“ project and free economic zones.

„By strengthening the economy of Belgrade, we strengthen the entire country. The aim of all these projects is to encourage the investments in Belgrade and Serbia, and we will strive to be good hosts and to prepare all the necessary permits and approvals on time so that the investors can start their businesses as soon as possible,“ said Siniša Mali. The mayor stressed that if last year was a year of business consolidation, this year and the following one shall be the years of investment and the realisation of new projects.

President of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Milivoje Miletić said that the realisation of this forum is very important because it is essential to stress the need for entrepreneurial spirit, morality and all things that contribute to further growth and progress. „We do not look at investment as the inflow of funds needed to increase the number of jobs, but as the way to increase the competitiveness of our economy and innovation. This is not possible without the strategic partnership between the state, science and business,“ Miletić said.

President of Central European Development Forum prof. dr Ana B. Bovan stressed that cooperation of this type is very important, in order to make significant steps forward. She added that for this forum projects of municipalities and cities in the field of energy, infrastructure and tourism were prepared, and that Serbia has very attractive projects that can be offered to all interested parties. Six panels were organized at the Conference - Serbia and the new wave of investments, Investment potentials of the City of Belgrade, Final phase of privatisation in Serbia, Investment potentials of cities and municipalities, Innovation and business opportunities of SMEs and Business environment - case studies and future plans. Also, after the panels were held B2B meetings where representatives of the companies and representatives of projects that were presented at the Belgrade Investment Days had met in view of a possible cooperation and implementation of projects. More about this on the website of Belgrade Investment Days, which conceptual creator was Central European Development Forum.

The conference was preceded by the Welcome Cocktail at The Old Palace.

Photo gallery of the event can be seen here.

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