Cedef Platform

The Climate Panel of Serbia

Central European Development Forum - CEDEF, in cooperation with representatives of institutions at national and local level, government agencies, representatives of legislative authority, socially responsible and inventive companies, non-governmental organizations, the media and professional public, organizes a comprehensive platform named THE CLIMATE PANEL OF SERBIA.

Climate changes have huge negative impact on our planet and it poses a threat to ecosystem and biodiversity. Floods, high temperatures and rise of sea levels will become increasingly frequent, unless we do not undertake adequate measures in order to fight them. Human activities such as consumption of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas), deforestation, usage of industrial gasses that contribute to the greenhouse effect are the direct contribution of humanity to climate change.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) held in Paris has brought together over 150 heads of states and governments, more than any other gathering in human history. The Paris Agreement was reached and open political support has been given for reduction in emission to the level that will restrict further growth of global temperature to 20 С. The Paris Agreement ratification pledges were given by 195 member states of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, including Serbia.

Status of Ratification

In accordance with Article 21, paragraph 1, of the Paris Agreement, the Agreement shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after the date on which at least 55 Parties to the Convention accounting in total for at least an estimated 55 % of the total global greenhouse gas emissions have deposited their instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession with the Depositary.

The goals of the Climate Panel of Serbia The goals which should be fulfilled through the continuous action:

  • Adjust the topic within the public awareness as one of the most important so far
  • Motivating and positioning media as key partners for continuous support
  • Gathering the most eminent leaders and experts who would all ensure a quality work on the most important document – Strategy in fighting against climate change
  • Point out that Serbia has the winning team which through its expertise and dedication positions Serbia as the regional leader in combat against climate changes
  • Present commitment and results of the Chapter’s 27 negotiating group with a goal for further harmonization with EU policy in the filed of environment and climate.


Climate Panel of Serbia requires continuous public action:

  • Presentation of the key decisions which we have adopted through public dispute, assembly public hearings, conferences and media appearances are all due to an obligation to international community
  • Briefing citizens about the significance of climate change topic via active media coverage on the national and local level as well as collaboration with municipalities and cities through education of experts, local decision makers and community on the best practices of environmental problem solving.
  • Conducting researches on public opinion and surveying decision makers on a general awareness, comprehension of scope and importance of coping with the climate change issues as well as a public disclose and results discussion.
  • Gathering key information and conclusions from meetings which will be fetched to the creators of ecology and energy policy. Moreover, gathering and sharing additional information on strategy in fight against climate change is equally important as the goal to enhance the quality of the strategy.
  • Board members of THE CLIMATE PANEL OF SERBIA will share there knowledge and expertise on events during first half of 2016.

    1. Inaugural meeting of the CLIMATE PANEL OF SERBIA within International energy and investment days, 11 March, 2016.

    2. Expert conference – Earth Day: on the eve of signing COP21 - WASTE AND WASTEWATER IN SERBIA, 23 April 2016, Solemn Hall (2nd floor) of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.

    3. Public panel discussion THE CLIMATE PANEL OF SERBIA – Presentation of results of public awareness toward climate change, 5 July 2016.

    4. VI Serbia Energy Managers Summit, 15 December 2016

    Gas emissions reduction of GHG and adoption of the Treaty of Paris is becoming Serbia's obligations to the international community. For this agreement to be achieved, it is necessity of all stakeholders in Serbia to be involved - institutions, socially responsible and innovative companies, NGOs, media and the general public with the aim of raising awareness and informing about the importance of this problem.

    Addressing the issue of climate changes is crucial for the EU also. Regarding this, relying on energy and climate package of laws 2020, the European Commission introduced a new legislative package with a term of fulfillment by 2030, which has three key objectives:
    - A reduction of 40% of greenhouse gas emissions (compared with 1990)
    - 27% share of renewable energy in overall energy production
    - 27% improvement in EE

    To achieve these goals, the EU has agreed to allocate 20% of the budget in the period from 2014 to 2020, which makes about 190 billion Euros. This sum of money will be aimed at preventing climate changes.

    Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and adoption of the Treaty of Paris is the obligation of Serbia towards the international community, but also to ourselves. Therefore CEDEF, as an independent expert organization that promotes sustainable regional development, actively pursuing energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protection, feels obligated to organize and initiate THE CLIMATE PANEL OF SERBIA.

    With public engagement and appeal we represent intense participation of all stakeholders on climate change. Appealing to all stakeholders, decision makers, municipalities and cities, the media and all citizens of Serbia. We emphasize that the permanent members of the Panel are leading creators of environmental and energy policy in Serbia. Participation is limited and available only for the most responsible companies and organizations that bring innovative solutions to the complex problems of climate changes.

    „A European Energy Union will ensure that Europe has secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. Wiser energy use while fighting climate change is both a spur for new jobs and growth and an investment in Europe's future. The state of the Energy Union shows progress made since the Energy Union Framework Strategy was adopted to bring about the transition to a low-carbon, secure and competitive economy.” Vice-President of EU Commission Maroš Šefčovič and Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy