Fifth CEDEF educational and informative gathering

CEDEF educational and informative gatherings


19 March 2015, Municipality Zvezdara

Fifth and the last out of five educational and informative gatherings was organized in municipality Zvezdara. It was organized by CEDEF and City Administration of the City of Belgrade Secretariat for energy. This gathering was also attended by presidents of assembly tenants from municipalities Obrenovac, Lazarevac and Barajevo.

The aim of gathering was to inform all assembly tenant’s presidents about introducing new heating billing system. Not only were they presented all necessary steps so that this system could give best effects, but also they were encouraged to ask questions about all preparations before introducing this system.

More then 70 presidents of assembly tenants from municipalities Zvezdara, Obrenovac, Lazarevac and Barajevo had the opportunity to ask specific questions related to the process of transition to new heating billing system and get very useful information about this system from the following speakers:

  • Edip Serifov, president, Municipality Zvezdara
  • Prof. dr Ana B. Bovan, president, CEDEF
  • Marko Stojanovic, Secretary, City of Belgrade, Secretariat for Energy
  • Petar Vasiljevic, Assistant production director, Beogradske elektrane
  • Biljana Trajkovic, sales manager, Smart Building Technologies
  • Miodrag Palibrk, sales manager, Brunata
  • Dimitrije Zivanovic, technical sales consultant, Viessmann

The presentations of the speakers can be seen here.

Photo gallery of the Gathering can be seen here.

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