5th March 2015, Belgrade - WORLD ENERGY EFFICIENCY DAY

CEDEF educational and informative gatherings

CEDEF and City of Belgrade - Secretariat for Energy: District heating consumption based billing in Belgrade: benefits and challenges

At the first out of five educational and informative gatherings, that was organized on the World Energy Efficiency Day, the complete educational programme of CEDEF and City Administration of the City of Belgrade Secretariat for energy has been presented. The programme is conducted in order to indicate the necessity of implementation of energy efficiency measures to expert and broader public stimulated by the new regulation on consumption-based district heating billing. The aim is to develop the awareness among stakeholders about energy savings and advantages and challenges regarding the transition to the new billing system.The entire program is in compliance with the EU 2020 Strategy and the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR).

Currently, district heating billing based on actual consumption covers 5 to 6 per cent of population in Belgrade, but in the forthcoming period, the rest of the citizens that are heated by district heating systems will gradually move on to the consumption-billing system. Moving toward to the consumption-billing is comprehensive and complex task, especially in Belgrade, which covers more than 50% of consumption in Serbia. The responsibility of the City of Belgrade in these sense is enormous. So this series of educational and informative gatherings will point out the necessity of the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the light of new regulations concerning the consumption-billing system

The programme of the First educational and informative gatherings can be downloaded here.

The presentations of the speakers can be seen here.

Photo gallery of the Gathering can be seen here.

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